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„Solana Saltcave“

Solana has been active at the european market since 2002 and specialised itself in the construction of salt- caves and saunas. Our salt caves are a perfekt addition to already exsisting Welness- and Spa centres, clubs, hotels, swimming pools and fitness centres. Our salt caves are getting more and more popular, not only in Germany. Quite recently we started to build salt caves in Holland, the Czechs and Belgium.

What is a Solana salt cave?

A salt cave is a room with walls constructed out of natural salt bricks and a ceiling out of gypsum with stalactite decoration. The whole installation is prepared by great architects and stuccoers and can be assimilated to the welness object, so it is getting more attractive for your guests. The temperature rests with 18-25 ° C. Mostly the guests use our salt caves as a recreation room, because there you can relax on a deckchair ( f. ex. after a workout at the fitness centre or after a stay in the sauna) with detente music ( water and forest sounds).
A Solana saltcave is an individual manufacture, irrecoverable in its charackter and a special and attractive addition for every Spa- and Wellnesscentre.
In spite of its appereance of an old stone cave it fits to modern standards, owns a professional system for ventilation and has a connection to an air conditioner. Of course it is simple to operate manualy with it, so you can meet your guests‘ requirements easily.
We don‘t expect extra interstation at all. It‘s also important to mention that the salt has a healthy function or you body. Salt is an natural ioniser that guarantees better effects for relaxation and the sense of wellbeing for your guests. A salt cave can also be constructed seperately, not integrated in a big welness building.
In Germany there are 6 Solana saltaves. Thanks to the last 8 years we gained many experiences how to lead a project and that‘s why we want to share our experiences with you.

For the installation of a salt cave we need 3 up to 15 tons of Himalaya salt from Pakistani.

What else do you need to get an inhalation- salt cave?

1. Room:

optimal size: 35- 75 m“ (smallest 10m“), 2,3 m high, 230 V current

2. Workspace:

Spacial planning
transcription of the project/ first suggestions for the installation of the inhalation system
planning of an air conditioner and ventilation project
manufacture of an inner electric ventilation
manufacture of the installation: speaker and alarm system
montage of the wall‘s bare brickwork
montage of ceiling‘s the bare brickwork
montage of the illumination
making of the waals with a speacial inhalation-montage: electricity for inhalation, graduation works in pillar optic or stair optic, waterfall
montage of the speakers
montage of a base for the air doncitioner and ventilation system
making of the elcetric installation and montage of the automatic controller

3. Starting stage ( retraining of the personnel)

We deliver a full-fledged salt cave that is ready vor work
Deadline for the manufacture of the salt cave begins 30 days after the suscribtion of the agreement.
The 24-month garanty is for the built products and after expiration of the warranty.
We also help you with the marketing- and leading work of the salt cave.
All information concerning the conctruction and montage of the saltwalls we give in the project- and discussion- stage. All of our concstructing elements, materials and equipment has certificates and are fitting in the EU standards.
Our enterprise try to construct the salt caves with their original charackter, because we know that this will help you with gaining more guests. The quality can be approved by many hotel and enterprise managers in Belgium, Holland or the czechs and of course in Germany. Of course we can show you the list of reference adresses.
Your welcome to visit our salt caves in Germany. If your interested, we are on your disposal.